Sunday, 24 May 2015

Law Ball, Dates and Misc

Greetings friends!

Three weeks ago my events team on the QUTLS hosted the Annual QUT Law Ball. It was held at Cloudland and the theme was Carnival(e). I think it was the best ball I'd ever been to (aside from super sore feet and being quite tired) but I might be a little biased hehe.

We hired four rooms and transformed them into the following: the Rainbow Room which was the main ballroom with Brazilian dancers and dummers, a Rave Cave which was a completely dark room with hundreds of white balloons and a UV light, a champagne room with an ice sculpture (there was supposed to be a champagne fountain but when it arrived it was already broken :( ) and a photo room with a photo booth and photographers!

I bought my dress from ASOS but when it arrived..... let's just say I looked like I drowned in a sparkly blanket. After a LOT of altering by my mum, I finally got it to how I wanted it.

Before and after - thanks Mama Nguyen :3

Poor Clauds had to sleep on her chest with her bare back exposed overnight without a blanket just to get this henna nice.

Both of our dresses were from ASOS!

Phi and Jinwook thought it would be funny to jump just before the elevator stopped and we got stuck. Being claustrophobic and trapped in an elevator isn't the best thing :P

Kimmy also mailed me a fisheye lens he bought online so I could have one in time for the ball :3


Saturday nights are date night for Kimmy and I and I was craving Italian in particular. Courtney found out the other day that Spaghetti House hadn't actually closed down but moved to Southbank so Nooks and I decided to dine there! 

Pork and veal meatballs in tomato sauce

Slow cooked lamb shoulder ragu with papardelle | Orecchiette with pork & fennel sausage, tomato, wine and cream

 The "I will kill you" face

The "please don't kill me" face

Kimmy has started this thing where he buys me celebratory novelty balloons.
 The dinosaur for my advocacy results which he gave me on the day of the ball and the sausage dog for my new job!



Our date night the next Saturday after, we visited the Bourbon Street Bar because we were feeling like something American. 

 The lighting inside was too terrible to take food photos but we ordered the buttermilk fried chicken and beef brisket with mac and cheese and collared greens. Beef brisket was definitely worth it but we were iffy about the chicken because all we could do was compare it to KFC chicken... *foodiefail* whoops.

Kimmy writing a note in my journal

Afterwards we went to visit the Southbank markets before going to bowl at Strike. They check ID's and stamp your hand for entry now! Bought a jam jar and apparently the more I drink, the more coordinated I become. If only that were really true, though.


Finally, the most recent date day was yesterday! Jinwook once took me to a park where he spent most of his childhood so I did the same and took him to Lake Samsonvale, North Pine Dam in Petrie! I knew the BBQ area was quite far away from the lake so we both planned to build our own BBQ to eat lake-side. All in all, a great day was had although time flew by way too quickly.

Pro tip: Don't wear white shorts in the great outdoors. I tripped over and fell on my bottom into a plate of pork belly strips and had to walk around the whole day looking like I had shat my pants HAHAAH fml :(

We were actually terrified of accidentally starting a bush fire when we started the fire but we doused the surrounding areas with water and ensured we had water on hand in case anything happened.

We left in the afternoon and drove around Petrie for a bit before going bowling (recurring motif in this relationship) at AMF Kedron where Jinwook whooped my ass twice T_T.


 Law Dinner planning with Uday and Sam

Queensland Legal Walk (QPILCH Walk for Justice) with the Society followed by an awesome and too-big of a big breakfast at Brisbane Cafe.

Hanging with Kimmy before touch football

I have started painting in my journal.

Studying with Sir Master Frank.

Jinwook came up to visit one night.

Had a day off uni and made mussels in spicy tomato sauce

Cooked some chicken parmigiana in baked crusty rolls mmmm

QUT's Aromas Cafe have finally got their soup of the day's up and running for winter. Seriously guise it is only $7 and well worth it. Clauds and I survived off these last winter and they are to die for!


That is all I have for ya'll. Hope everyone is doing well and I'll be back to update very soon.

Love, Sarah x.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

April Update!

Hello friends!

Long time, no post. My wifi conveniently cut out at the beginning of April and I didn't have any internet for 5 weeks! It finally got fixed and let's just say people who work in customer service who hate working in customer service shouldn't be working in customer service.

Here is a small but long update for ya'll since I haven't posted in over a month *cries*.


One Sunday in April, Jin Wook and I went to a random bowls club in Chermside! Turns out he owned me in bowls (but I will forever pwn in ten pin bowling).

Linner @The Manhattan Line, Southbank: NYC dogs, mozzarella cheese sticks and root beer


Easter Sunday at the Coast - we had a bulk pho dinner which was amazing because it was raining and extremely cold and when you have warm noodles and soup in your stomach in that kind of weather, you can sleep like a baby at night.

We brought Frank to the Coast and he gets so giddy and excited because there are so many children for him to play with. He legitimately never stops running and if you never stopped him he would probably run until he passed out.


There is a lot of posting about Jinwook because I barely get to see him so we spent a lot of time together during midsem break! To celebrate our 6 months, Kimmy and I spent 2 days together.

Dinner: chick pea cous cous with lemony chicken and herbed-spiced yoghut with wholemeal pita bread!

Breakfast: herbed cream cheese with bacon on toast, hash browns and apple mojitos 

We went Op Shopping and I bought a $2 belt and $3 necklace but whoops forgot to include the photo. This was followed by a trip to the Southport Antiques and Fine Books Store!

The interior has me swooning *O*

Afterwards, we went to the Southport Indoor Pistol Club (SIPC)... my weakness. Since we didn't have a car, we had to bus it and got off a km too late and had to trudge it in the rain HAHA :(

Feeling hella exposed with ma skinny arms :'(

For his first time, he's aite.

Then, because I was feeling like coasty food, we bussed to Charis Seafoods for oysters and fish and chips! 
 Afterwards, we went to watch Fast 7 and then went home back to Brisbane.


A couple days later, Kimmy took me out to dinner at Moo Moo Wine Bar + Grill!

Hot tip: Don't order entrees and fill up on them before your mains come #rookieerror

When they wheel out the huge 1kg rump and carve it before your eyes. Oh the feels.

Because the rump takes around 1 hour to cook, and because we ordered a medium rare, it come out a lot rarer than I thought but aside from that it was absolutely wonderful.


I was on instagram and saw a snippet of a video that Donal Skehan put up on using leftover hot cross buns to make a bread and butter pudding! The buns were already sold out in my area, so I made Kimmy buy them and freeze them until I could come over and make them. When baking, the house smelled divine which translated to how it tasted. Mmmmmmm...........

Chocolate chip hot cross buns in vanilla custard with orange rind and dark chocolate chips


Wednesday Farmers Markets for lunch w/Choi.

Jinwook sent me some lenses in time for me to use for the Ball!

Selling tickets to Law Ball w/promo dancers

As ya'll may have gathered, this year I got voted into the society and am on the events team! Seriously, it is the best thing ever because I got to meet a whole tonne of new and awesome people and get to participate in crazy cool events and I'm definitely hoping to keep this up next year.

Me Ya Go Ramen opening - free ramen until they ran out!

Gifts for Sandos' birthday which we left at her bad at midnight since her Dad said she wouldn't be home till 3-4am.

Lorna bought me four cacti/succulents from Market Day :3

Lazy Sunday morning's before church with Frank.


Anyway, sorry that this update is so messy! I just wanted to put something up because I haven't posted in aaaaaaages so I hope ya'll don't mind it.

Have a fantastic week!

Love, Sarah x.

PS: I have reactivated by!: